Rehearsal Schedule

(School vacation)

Tuesday Nov. 24

2:30-3 warm-up (anone that wants to have a class)

3-3:20 Addi 2 solos

3::20-3:35 Cora's 2 solos

Lily 3:35-3:50

Hailey 3:50-4:15

Maddy 4:15-4:30

4:30-6:45 Russian Dance and Bailey's piece (STARTING WITH RUSSIAN)

* contact Rachel for any extra solo rehearsals - some parents may want their dancer to rehearse more than 1x per week for stamina etc. if you are interested in more please let me know. Rachel

 Wednesday, December 2 6:45-8:30 - filming Russian

*****Full stage make up and low bun part on Right, performance earings, tights, shoes and costumes

Friday, December 4th - filming Class & Fantasy on Strings 

Full stage make up and high bun, performance earings, tights, shoes and class leotard

****Cora, Jade, Evalyn, Sam, Maddy, Emma, Lily, Addi, Eva, Taryn, Rebekah, Hailey, Ava, Hannah


Russian Dance

Choreography will be learned Wednesdays (Aug, Sept, Nov.)

Soloists: Cora K, Jade B, Evalyn M (understudies: Sam H & Maddy I)


Corps: Emma I, Maddy I, Sam H, Lily H, Addison F, Eva M, Taryn S, Rebekah S, Hailey V, Ava C

Understudy: Hannah De La Rosa

Bailey's Piece: Fantasy on Strings

Choreography will be learned Fri. & Sat.  (Sept, Nov.)

Cora K, Jade B, Evalyn M, Maddy I, Sam H, Addison F, Eva M, Taryn S, Rebekah S, Hailey V, Hannah 

Evalyn's Piece: Onore bon Bondye

Choreography will be learned Fri. & Sat.  (Aug, Sept, Nov.)

Cora K, Sam H, Jade B, Maddy S

Peter & The Wolf

Rehearsals will start November

Casting TBA

(includes: Brock, Cora, Jade, Sam, Emma I, Emma R, Maddy, Evalyn, Lily H, Addison, Eva, Taryn, Rebekah, Hailey, Ella B, Lydia P, Gavin, Annabelle, Hannah H, Emma S, Lily J, Olivia, Blakley A)

Hansel & Gretel Casting

Rehearsals will start February


Hansel: Brock

Gretel: Jade (understudy: Samantha Hughes)

Angels: Sam H, Eva M, Lily H, Taryn S, Hailey V, Addi F, Hannah DLR, Nika D, Ava C, Rebekah S (understudy: Lydia P), Lily Jimenez

Gumdrops: Lucia C, Amelia A, Mariana B, Elisa C, Sonia D, Claire F, Jameson T, Claire S, Zoe S

Cats (formely listed as minions): Corinne B, Ainsley H, Catelynn W, Molly W,  Emma S

Baby Birds: Joy P,  Lucille K

Big Birds: Cora K with Emma R, Evalyn M and, Emma I, Madison I

Gingerbread: Allie P, Annabelle K, Gavin K, Julianna G, Arabella L, Jaise P, Liam R, Lydia P, Lucille K, Ella B, Blakely A, Olivia


Nov. filming of Adjudication pieces and class

February 8 - Adjudication

Feb. 25-28 - YAGP

March 28, 2PM - Holland Center Peter & the Wolf

Memorial Weekend 2021 - Showcase / Hansel & Gretel


- Regional Dance America Festival 

*Mandatory.... Adjudication will be filmed and sent this year. That date is not set

*Mandatory... Adjudication in studio meeting only - February 2, 2021

April 29, 30 May 1

RDA @ Chicago, IL (Skokie)

Omaha Performances: 

Omaha Symphony: March 28 2 pm Peter & the Wolf

Hansel & Gretel / Showcase - Memorial Weekend